Thai x Japanese Hip Hop Group, Baby Mic Candy

A New Member, A New Start: Thai x Japanese Hip Hop Group, Baby Mic Candy, Presents Departure Song ‘TAKE OFF (Prod. by SpatChies)’’


With the announcement of Thailand’s prominent actor and artist, FIAT, as the newest  member to join the group

FIAT takeoff

We are excited to share the latest release for Japanese x Thai Hip Hop group, Baby Mic Candy (BMC), which is slated for release on 7 October 2022, Friday. The release of ‘TAKE OFF’ comes with BMC’s announcement of Thailand’s prominent actor and artist, FIAT, joining the group.

GOLI takeoff

BMC’s second single, ‘TAKE OFF’ is produced by up-and-coming music producer, SpatChies, who has worked with many of Thailand’s leading rappers such as MILLI, MAIYARAP, 1MILL, Younggu, etc., ‘TAKE OFF’ is the perfect “departure song” for BMC, who is making a fresh start as a 4-member group with the addition of a new member FIAT.

MOTO takeoff

Having grown up in completely different environments with different languages and cultures, ‘TAKE OFF’ is a mix of the four members’ individual musical styles and personalities, which includes some Japanese-like sounds to show the national characteristics of the Thai and Japanese people. The music was put together with tight, minimal beats that maintain a cool party energy. The most appealing aspect of the track is the perfect balance of the vocals and flows between FIAT and BMC’s three existing members. While the single is based on a Hip Hop style, it is mixed with multiple elements of club music that bring the whole song to an uplifting level. The arrangements are nostalgic yet innovative and give a sense of comfort that is unique to the Thai and Japanese Hip Hop music communities.

YUKI takeoff

Follow BMC through their newly released Youtube weekly series, ‘B.M.C. Way’ with Thailand’s entertainment conglomerate, GMMTV, which features  the members of the group sharing their journey of being in Thailand. The group has also been announced to be performing at Thailand’s Iconic Music Festival this month.