Kitty Purrnaz Yeo

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 9 SEPTEMBER 2022The Great Wave announces ‘Little Secret’ –the collective’s 2nd Single Collaboration featuring Kitty Purrnaz & Yeo

We are pleased to share the 2nd single release from artist collective Dao, The Great Wave, that features  a collaboration between two fiercely independent singer-songwriter-producers Yeo (Melbourne, Australia) and Kitty Purrnaz (Singapore). The single will be made available from 9 September 2022, Friday.

Poised to grab your attention from the get-go, the track opens strongly with throwback electric guitar riffs blended with modern drum production as the bedrock for Kitty’s signature soulful vocals, immediately painting an emotive narrative of longing and the anxieties that manifest from not having sufficient assurance in a relationship. The introduction of Yeo’s sombre baritone brings the song to another level of darkened intensity, simmering and then climaxing in a duet of intricate harmonies over the catchy chorus refrain.

The new single is the part of a proof-of-concept mixtape by The Great Wave, where the work is collectively owned by the DAO community. Both Yeo and Kitty Purrnaz will be featured as part of Charlie Lim & The Great Wave’s first concert in Singapore at The Esplanade Concert Hall on the 16th of September. Tickets are now available on SISTIC, or mintable as part of a governance NFT membership.