Isyana Sarasvati

Indonesian Singer-Songwriter, Isyana Sarasvati Releases Fourth Album ‘ISYANA’

Indonesian singer-songwriter, Isyana Sarasvati continues her musical journey as she releases her fourth album titled, “ISYANA.” Available now on all major digital streaming platforms,  the album represents a significant milestone in her artistic career, as it reflects her personal growth and resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the myriad of events that have shaped her life. The album invites listeners to delve deeper into her most virtuous life.

Listen to the album ‘ISYANA’ here

Isyana Sarasvati describes this fourth album as an integral part of her personal story, one that emerged triumphant from the challenges of the ‘small apocalypse’. The pandemic became a defining turning point and catalyst for her emotional and spiritual maturity. Hailing from Bandung Indonesia, the artist shares that the pandemic was a moment of a turning and burning point for her.  “There’s a lot we can learn, and wisdom derived from this ‘small apocalypse’. From this challenging period, I have learned invaluable lessons and discovered profound spiritual and non-spiritual revelations, which have contributed to my personal growth”.

During this transformative period, Isyana Saravasti also delved deeper into self-discovery, finding inspirations in countless emotions and experiences. These diverse experiences have become a wellspring of creative energy, allowing her to craft three additional songs that seamlessly complement the themes explored in “ISYANA.” With music collaborations with multi-instrumentalist duo, Mantra Vutura, Rayhan Maditra (nicknamed Mako), as well as electone artist and music producer, Kenan Loui, the album itself includes a total of 11 tracks, each imbued with the profound significance for the current artistry of Isyana Sarasvati, joining in this journey of discovery.